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Enjoy 3 of our Gin expressions in a gift pack, you choose what combination of the three you would like.  Choose from London Dry, Cranberry and Quince Gin. $40 will go to the club.


London Dry

A unique and distinctive dry gin made specifically for Surrey Park Lacrosse Club members with discerning tastes. Fresh, locally sourced botanicals that combine with layers of subtle flavours – making it a versatile number. Enjoy the ‘bass notes of the angelica root, orris root and cassia bark.


A subtle blend of Juniper, pink grapefruit, Coriander, Lemon Myrtle, Angelica root, Grains of paradise, cardamon pods, cassia bark and oris root.


500ml 42%


Cranberry Gin

This Old Tom style cranberry gin is a delicate and refreshing spirit with a unique flavor profile. The gin features a sweet and tangy aroma of cranberries, which is complemented by the warm and earthy notes of traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander, and angelica root.

On the palate, the cranberry notes take center stage, with a burst of sweet and juicy flavor that is perfectly balanced by the classic gin flavors. The finish is crisp and clean, with a refreshing acidity that lingers on the tongue.

The gin has a delicate pink color, which is natural from the infusion of cranberries, and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any cocktail.


500ml 42%


Quince Gin

Quince gin is a delightful and unique spirit that features the sweet, tart flavour of quince and vanila notes from the aging process. With a distinctive aroma of ripe quince, this gin boasts a complex and well-balanced flavour profile. Upon the first sip, you'll experience a burst of fruity sweetness, followed by a subtle earthiness from the gin botanicals including juniper, coriander, and angelica root. The finish is smooth, with a lingering note of sweet and tartness that will leave you wanting more.


500ml 38%


Surrey Park Lacrosse Club Gift Pack (3 bottles)

  • Bottles will be delivered to your club or association for distribution.

  • Since 1948, the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club has been producing State League Champion Teams, State Players and Australian Team Representatives. We have teams in mens and women senior divisions, and girls and boys teams in under 15, under 13 and under 11. Players from 6-year olds to those to 60+. We have a thriving and rapidly growing junior program, dedicated to creating a fun and supportive environment where all children can grow their confidence and achieve their best.

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