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London Fog gin made with lemon myrtle offers a unique and refreshing flavour profile that is sure to delight gin lovers. Upon the first sip, notes of citrus to tantalise the palate. The lemon myrtle offers a slightly sweet, floral taste that is complemented by the characteristic juniper berry notes of gin. A smooth, refreshing finish with a subtle hint of earthiness rounds out the flavour experience.


London Fog gin is versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways.

Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Classic gin and tonic: Combine London Fog gin with your favorite tonic water and a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink.
  • Lemon myrtle martini: Combine London Fog gin with a splash of dry vermouth and a drop of lemon juice for a classic martini with a twist.
  • Gin sour: Mix London Fog gin with lemon juice and simple syrup, and shake with ice. Strain into a glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.
  • Lemon myrtle and tonic: For a simple but delicious drink, mix London Fog gin with tonic water and a sprig of fresh lemon myrtle for an aromatic and refreshing experience.


No matter how you choose to enjoy it, London Fog gin is sure to be a hit with gin lovers and those looking to try something new.


500ml            42%

London Fog - Lemon Myrtle Gin

SKU: 364215376135191
  • A subtle blend of Juniper, pink grapefruit, Corriander, Lemon Myrtle, Angelica root, Grains of paridise, cardomin pods, cassia bark and oris root.

    500ml            42%










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